Buy Liquid Wax Candle Refills and Table Lamps in Spain – tel +34 677 222 799

Do you have a bar or restaurant in Spain, and want to buy liquid wax candles? Then you are at the right place!

Our company is called Surbakken and we are specialized in the sale of
liquid wax candle refills and table lamps in Spain. We started over 10 years ago and are by now the main supplier of liquid wax candles in the country.  From our bases in Barcelona and Alicante we ship our products all over Spain. 

Our web shop is currently only available in Spanish, since we are selling in Spanish territory. Therefore we direct this article to the many English speaking bar and restaurant owners at the Costa Blanca,  Costa de Valencia, Costa del Sol/de la Luz and Spain in general, that wish to buy candles and candle lamps.

The web shop is illustrated with plenty of product photos, so it should be pretty straightforward what products to order.
50 hour liquid wax cartridges go for only 1,85€ per unit and come in hotelry boxes of 36 refills. Our most popular candle lamps cost 6,50€ and come in boxes of 6 units.   

Payment usually happens by cash on delivery. As well you may pay by advance payment transfer, which entitles you to a 5% discount.

With every order of 5 boxes liquid wax candles (5 x 36) you get the sixth box completely free (1 x 36). As well 1 free box of candles with every purchase of 300€ (VAT excluded).

Shipment is free from the first box of liquid wax candles on mainland Spain. Delivery time there is 24/48 hours. Delivery time for Menorca and Ibiza is around 3-4 working days.

Order by phone – English spoken

The easiest way to make your order is to give us a quick phone call on +34 677 222 799. Of course we attend you in English.

Order by Whatsapp

Alternatively, you can send us a Whatsapp message in English to +34 677 222 799 with the following details:

- Your order
- Complete delivery address & name of your establishment
- Delivery time
- Telephone number

Order online

For online orders please go to (in Spanish).

Visit sales representative in Barcelona, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa

In case your bar or restaurant is located in Barcelona or Torrevieja/Orihuela Costa, please let us know at tel. +34 677 222 799 and our sales representative will pay you a visit. English spoken.

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